El Castell Vell de Castelló o el paradigma de la ocupación antrópica del territorio de La Plana hasta el siglo XIII

The Castell Vell of Castelló (Castelló’s Old Castle) is an andalusian structure located at the top on a hill, placed on northern region of La Plana, in the land of Castellón. It’s organized on three interconnected platforms, as many andalusians castles: alcazaba, albacara and the village itself. With 1,1 hectares surface, it follows the pattern of “castle associated with a rural habitat” according the Bazzana’s classification. Its conservation status advises a series of interventions, the last one dated in 2018.

Defensive structures have, in general, a high homogeneity in terms of construction techniques, but different moments and build phases can be identified. Its configuration is not uncommon in the almohad military structures of the Iberian land that can be dated between the twelfth and the thirteenth centuries. The presentation at this congress of this heritage piece and the description of the last intervention made is the objective of this study.