El palacio fortificado de Ibn Ḥafṣūn y sus ḥuṣūn-abwāb. La supuesta edilicia ḥafṣūní y los modelos orientales en el occidente malagueño

New interpretative approaches are raised about ḥafṣūní architecture based on the archeological data in the medieval city of Bobastro and its most immediate castles, all located in the limits of the municipal terms of Ardales and Alora, to the northwest from the capital of Malaga. We focus our attention on the palatine complex built by Ibn Ḥafṣūn during the Umayyad emirate and we present numerous nearby fortress, which has allowed us to first approach the knowledge of the defensive system that protected the medieval city. Among the recent evidence of the ḥafṣūní palace, as a result of this study, structural and ornamental elements are discovered that derive from the classical tradition, but they are unknown by local structures and must respond to the influence of the Syrian-Byzantine model.