El sistema de abastecimiento de agua de la fortaleza más icónica de la Orden de Calatrava en la Encomienda de Martos (Jaén): El Castillo de La Peña

This article deals with the analysis of the conserved remains of the water storage system of the Castle the Rock or the High Fortress of Martos (La Peña or Fortaleza Alta de Martos), which constituted the castle and main headquarters of the Master of the Order of Calatrava at the Commander of Martos between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. The elements that compose it make a unique hydraulic complex that still allows to be recognized and documented.

Due to its importance and meaning, this castle is one that better shows the constructive techniques and the polyorcetic typologies developed and updated by this Order in its Commands in Castile-La Manche and Andalusia. The hydraulic system to supply water to this rocky fortress is a reflect of these technology, and it is unique in its design and layout.