Il castello Colonna di Arnara: dal restauro del monumento alla valorizzazione del borgo antico e del suo territorio

The castle of Arnara, is located in Ciociaria in southern Lazio, in what was once the feud of the Conti of Ceccano. For the territory it is the most important monumental complex of medieval architecture. In fact, despite its small size, it is one of the few examples of fortified architecture still original in its essential lines. This castle represents an exceptional case of sedimentation and stratification, which even today, from its reading, allows us to reconstruct both its historical events and those related to the urban development of the adjacent historic village. Moreover it can be considered of priority importance also from the urbanistic point of view because it represents the first historical nucleus of Arnara.

Unfortunately, today, the castle is in a bad state of conservation. With the passing of time its conditions have become more and more aggravated also because of the complex events linked to the various passages of property, of private and public nature, which have strongly influenced the management of the monument. The study of the castle of Arnara is part of the national and international debate that considers participation a key factor for the sustainable enhancement of the cultural heritage, because it promotes greater awareness of its social and economic value. The objective of the research work is to develop, taking the castle as a case study, a new approach that sees cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) as an irreplaceable heritage of knowledge and as a precious resource for economic growth, employment and social cohesion; therefore a cultural heritage seen as a driving force. In the specific case of Colonna Castle, attention has been focused on the importance of being able to activate virtuous circles around this very important place of culture, enhancing its role as a centre of knowledge and incubator of creativity and social innovation.