Il restauro del castello di Massafra (TA)

Massafra Castle’s restoration project aims to preserve and enhance the monument, redeeming it from the current state of partial abandonment, with the scope to return it to the community. First, an in-depth study of an historical research was carried out together with the analysis of the monument’ superficial and structural degradation to identify the adequate remedies. It was clear that “restoring only the stones” would have not been efficient and therefore finding a new purpose was necessary and essential. Finding a new scope for those kinds of architectures is a matter of great interest, because more than any other type of monuments, those are completely out of their historical context that gave them political, military and economic reason to be built.

Therefore, following a sociological investigation, it emerged that the best solution would be create a connection between Massafra and cinematography: there are many cultural organizations in this area and most of them need more dedicated space. Massafra has already been chosen several times as a movie set by famous authors: “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” by Pier Paolo Pasolini, “Il Paese delle spose infelici” by Pippo Mezzapesa and “Amiche da morire” by Giorgia Farina. This is how the MOVIE (Massafra Omni Vision between Innovation and Cultural Heritage) idea was born, a 360° cinema setting which is unique at a national level and that it would become part of larger cinematographic circuit already flourishing in the Apulia region. The project’s feasibility was then evaluated from a logistic-economic point of view. Furthermore, given the Castle’s location, the project proposes the reopening of ancient paths that connect the monument to the historical town centre and to the Ravine. The project also supports the restoration of rock settlements with its cave houses (currently completely collapsed) that surround the castle’s foundation to divulge hospitality.