Intervención en el Castillo de Biar. Consolidación de una ruina como alternativa posibilista en la defensa del patrimonio

Consolidation of ruin and didactic recovery of the castle's profile dominating the landscape. Almohad fortress that should have been recorded at the beginning of the powerful existing tower, surrounded by a protective wall with adarve, all on steep rocks.

The fortress is transformed over time, being in service as a defense between Muslim Spain and Christian Spain in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, to later, be a point of friction between the Kingdoms of Castilla and Aragón, remaining active until the mid-sixteenth century, with an intervention in the nineteenth century during the Carlist wars. Is located on the top of a hill at 745 m altitude, next to the town. The orography marks a deep slope to the northeast, more than 100 m high, while to the west, falling towards the population, the slope is smoother. Because of its situation, the castle has a very important visual impact, so landscape considerations acquire a special meaning.

The intervention is partial on the second walled enclosure and in total ruin, proposing an eloquent restoration that allows to approach its complex history and the construction techniques used, within a strong economy of means in the project and subsequent maintenance. We can restore the image of the courtyard, its spatiality and know the remains of existing buildings. Both, the remnants emptying of crashes, and the restoration of the traces of the internal walls, the various heights of the walls and their guard steps, allow us to understand the whole along the time. The undoubted visual and landscape interest of Biar Castle is a relevant aspect of the intervention.