Project Financing per il recupero funzionale ad uso ricettivo del “Forte dei Pianelloni” di Lerici

The central theme is the Project Financing, a complex financial instrument that can potentially be used to give a new life to a state property with a strong historical and architectural value and in a state of neglect, through the use of public-private partnerships. This evaluation technique makes it possible to understand the economic and financial feasibility of an intervention both for the owner of the asset (the public) and for the private entity that puts the resources for the requalification / restructuring and will own the profits from the management of the asset. Therefore, assuming the role of a Private Financial Promoter, I developed the Preliminary Project and the Feasibility Study with reference to two possible uses.

The work was divided in two parts: in the first part the Preliminary Project was a reworking of an architectural relief kindly lent by the municipality of Lerici to expose the current state of the structure adding also hints of history. Then I made two proposals: one hypothesis is a fancy project with Resorts & Suites and the other is a more affordable one with Hostel & Camping; I considered also the differences between the two proposals. To develop the work, the use of a drone for inspections and a 3D printing to create the plastics were also experimented.

In the second part that consists in the Feasibility Study was developed through an analysis of the possible positioning on the market with respect to the project hypotheses, the definition of the restructuring, management and maintenance costs. There were also analyzed other fortifications in the Gulf of Spezia, that were already reconverted in other uses. This study highlights the economic and financial feasibility of both design assumptions.