Architetture difensive nelle valli dello Ziz e del Todhra in Marocco

The earthen architecture of the Todhra and Ziz Valleys in Southern Morocco takes us back to the basic and archetypal forms of building in the Mediterranean. Architectural typology and language together form a cultural background that is strongly rooted in the territory and its inhabitants: the Berbers.

La Torre della Marina di Vietri sulla Costa d’Amalfi: test statistico-predittivi di dati fotogrammetrici

The focus of the work is on close-range photogrammetry and mainly on the low-cost technologies, experimented in the survey of Tower of Marina di Vietri, a historical building erected in the sixteenth century at Vietri sul Mare in the Province of Salerno. The general objective is to codify a methodology for objectifying the comparisons of the results; hence, the research starts from an original analysis conducted on the returned orthophotos by several photogrammetric paradigms.

Il sistema dei Casali Fortezza. Il caso studio di Castellaccio di Monteroni

The landscape of Lazio’s Tyrrhenian coasts is strongly characterized by the presence of fortifications. Parallel to them, in the interland, the baronial expansion, between the tenth and eleventh centuries, paved the way to a large-scale fortification of the Roman countryside. Along the main routes were built lookout towers, farmhouses were consolidated with defense mechanism and the first castles were constructed.

Una rappresentazione digitale del castello Eurialo per l’indagine storico-interpretativa

It is clear that concepts and cognitive processes aimed at putting forward fortified systems in their relation with the territory and with the surrounding landscape, establish inextricably interwoven “interests” and a consequent osmotic hysteresis between their emergence and disappearance into the deepest part of the earth. The logic behind the defensive structures of Euryalus fortress is particularly interesting.