Análisis espacial del sistema defensivo de la costa granadina en época nazarí y su transformación tras la conquista castellana

The coast of the Kingdom of Granada was a border of importance in Nasrid times and it was also a zone to be protected after the Castilian conquest, mostly against piracy. To control the sea, the successive rulers would build a system of fortresses and watchtowers. The objective of this paper is to apply spatial analysis to the defense system of the southern coasts of Granada and Almeria from the fifteenth to seventeenth century, focusing in its evolution.

El sistema de relaciones territoriales entre las fortificaciones del Cilento interior. Una propuesta de estudio a través de SIG

The landscape of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, south of Campania, is dotted with a wide variety of fortresses, castles, towers and all kinds of fortifications. The populations who settled there since the early Middle Ages have left traces of their presence through buildings that, from the initial purpose of independent defense of the individual settlement, have changed over time, especially in the Norman period, in a broader system and structured for the control of the territory.

Atlante dei siti fortificati della provincia di Viterbo, Italia (X-XV secolo). Fonti e metodi per la ricostruzione della rete insediativa bassomedievale

This study addressed the historical phenomenon known as incastellamento, in the area of the current province of Viterbo, from a quantitative and geographical perspective. The time period considered was the 10th-15th century. The paper describes the documentary sources, historical maps, aerial images, past studies and archaeological sources that are available to researchers, and which have been used, in good measure, to reconstruct the fortified settlement network.