Memoria e conoscenza. Il castello di Belmonte in Calabria

A small A small village located in Italy on the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast, Belmonte Calabro has its historic center with a typical medieval urban structure that has remained almost unchanged over the centuries and is characterized by the presence of the ruins of a castle and its surrounding environments whose. The planimetry succeeds to be identified because it is bordered by a wall, only partially preserved, pronounced by towers and marked by a road that, in its main points still existing, follows its development.

The building materials of “Colle del Melogno” Central Fort (Liguria, Italy)

The Melogno pass (Colle del Melogno) is located at 1026 m above sea level, between the high Val Bormida and the hinterland of the Finalese (province of Savona) and is one of the highest mountain passes in the Ligurian Alps. In ancient times, this zone was considered strategically important from the military point of view since it is located at the crossroads of many communication routes.