Fortificazioni della Tunisia contese tra Spagnoli e Turchi a metà del secolo XVI, documentate dall’iconografia coeva. Un’analisi dal territorio all’architettura

The five volumes of the precious archival collection of drawings called Architettura Militare (Military Architecture), kept at the Archivio di Stato di Torino (Turin State Archive), propose documents made mostly by military engineers from the half of the sixteenth to the following first decade. The tomes collect mostly drawings of places under the aegis of the Duchy of Savoy, apart from the second one, dedicated to documents of Spanish military interest (Mediterranean Sea and Lombardy maps).

La valorizzazione delle torri dell’Imperiese

The complex structure of the Ligurian territory has found a precise correspondence in the development of the defensive structures. If the main cities were able to provide themselves with “closed” defence systems (the most important of which –the Genoese city walls– are second only in size to the Chinese Wall), the smaller cities and the poorly built areas were equipped with a real “network” of widespread and punctual defensive elements.