Conoscenza e analisi dei materiali per la conservazione del castello di Maida in Calabria (Italia)

The Maida castle is located in a hill site in historical center of the Maida City, facing two sea gulfs: Squillace gulf on the east side and Sant’Eufemia gulf on the west side. The position is strategic moreover because the castle is located in the center of Calabria between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Seas. Hidden in an inner area, the castle was erected on a rock which has a wide perspective view, giving the ability to control a stretch of territory between the two coasts and allowing to make an easier defense.

Fortified masserie in Calabria. Architectural features and typological models

In southern Italy, and also in Calabria, fortified masserie represent a typical building model meant for the management, the control and the defense of the territory and of the rural heritage. This occurs especially in areas where, before the agricultural reform of the mid-twentieth century, the latifundium was the main model of property organization.

Geometrie dello sguardo nel paesaggio calabrese

Having lost their function of sighting as an instrument of strategic control, inclusion and protection from presumed pirate invasions, the coastal towers of Calabria Ultra, represented in the Diary of Wonders of the end of the sixteenth century, called Codice Romano Carratelli, will act as the key and device of the gaze that links the land to the expanse of water.