Las fortificaciones de la línea de costa de Málaga en época nazarí, algo más que un sugerente quinteto defensivo

In this article we deal with the unique coastal defensive belt that the city of Malaga has in Nasrid times, about the origin of it and its process of building as well as its functionalities that exceed the purely defensive ones. The first constructions aimed at defending the city from the sea correspond to the dynasty, with the construction of the alcazaba and the defensive fence of the medina, as well as incipient atarazanas, a cast of works of political propaganda.

Estudio preliminar del cerro del castillo de Montefrío (Granada)

The castle of Montefrío (Granada) was one of the fortresses that formed the last line of defense of the Nasrid kingdom. After its surrender, in 1486, the castle served as a Castilian border stronghold until the fall of the Nasrid capital, Granada, six years later, which put an end to the Christian conquest of al-Andalus.