Riesgos naturales y conservación de la arquitectura defensiva de tierra: aproximación a los daños causados por seísmos en la Alcazaba de Almería y en la muralla de La Hoya

The aim of this work is to present the results obtained in the framework of the PREFORTI Project. The particular case analysed is the damages caused by earthquakes in the medieval fortifications of Almeria and the consequences on their conservation. Almeria is a zone of important seismic activity. This particularity has caused many problems to conserve its Islamic military architecture.

Las técnicas constructivas en las murallas medievales de Almería

Almería was one of the most important cities in al-Andalus, a circumstance that was possible thanks to the strength of its port. Its foundation as an urban entity during the Caliphate of Córdoba originated a typical scheme of an Islamic city organized by a medina and a citadel, both walled.

Nuevas aportaciones sobre la cronología de los restos conservados de las murallas medievales de Almería (España)

The medieval city walls of Almeria have abundant references in Arabic sources and numerous preserved remains, either in all its elevation, or as small archaeological remains on the current slope and even under the ground. This circumstance has given rise to a lot of scientific literature on the chronology of each of the different existing precincts: Alcazaba, Medina, suburbs and outer enclosure.