The building materials of “Colle del Melogno” Central Fort (Liguria, Italy)

The Melogno pass (Colle del Melogno) is located at 1026 m above sea level, between the high Val Bormida and the hinterland of the Finalese (province of Savona) and is one of the highest mountain passes in the Ligurian Alps. In ancient times, this zone was considered strategically important from the military point of view since it is located at the crossroads of many communication routes.

Le tenaci malte della torre del castello di Cerreto Ciampoli (Siena, Italia)

Known since the eleventh century, the castle of Cerreto Ciampoli was one of the main fortifications of the ancient Republic of Siena (Tuscany, Italy). The magnificent ruins, located on the top of a hill overlooking the Chianti Mountains, consist of two city walls, a door, a church, the remains of some rooms and a mighty tower lying on the ground broken up into five sections of several meters in length.

Studi sul recupero delle superfici decorate dell’architettura delle facciate della Cavallerizza e del Castello di San Giorgio in Palazzo Ducale di Mantova

The contribution aims to present the path of knowledge on the external surfaces of the Courtyard of the Cavallerizza and the Castle of San Giorgio in Palazzo Ducale in Mantua, the subject of an upcoming conservation project. In particular, the results emerged through the autopsy and stratigraphic survey of areas selected by sample, relating to the technique of execution and the constituent materials of the fin­ishes.