Identification and preservation of the Cold War sites in Italy

Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, more than 8000 militaries installations worldwide have been made available for civilian use. To many, the idea of attempting to conserve military sites from the Cold War sounds discordant due to the awkward or “uncomfortable” nature of the subject matter and the generally unappealing aesthetics associated.

La red de búnkeres construida en el siglo XX entre la bahía de Cádiz y la desembocadura del Guadalquivir

The Andalusian Defensive Architecture Plan (PADA) justifies the legal protection of all Andalusian defensive architecture based on the historical condition of the region as a border of kingdoms and civilizations. It supports by using the Decree of April 22, 1949 on the protection of Spanish castles; to the subsequent Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage, which declared Bien de Interés Cultural the assets included in the Decree of 1949; and extending the term “castle” to the more generic of “defensive architecture” or “military architecture”.