Gallipoli nel paesaggio fortificato del Mediterraneo

The paper, through the study of the main maps and historical imagery, intends to describe through pictures  the fortified city of Gallipoli alongside the evolution of the Mediterranean coastal landscape  and, specifically of the Salento peninsula.

Disegno di fortificazioni nella cartografia tra i secoli XII e XVI

The contribution schematically analyzes themes and graphic codes related to the cartographic representation, in a period between twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Significant examples of Maps, Nautical charts, Atlases and Globes are examined, highlighting some characteristic aspects, connected to the figuration of fortified and non-fortified cities. In cartography the period considered is extremely significant.

Torri, corsari e contrabbandieri in Calabria Ultra durante il Decennio Francese (1806-1815)

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, even if the phenomenon of running war had subsided, the watch towers still had an active role in controlling the coasts of Southern Italy. Under the French administration some of them were assigned to customs posts, others continued to report the corsair boats always ready to carry out incursive actions. Merchant ships, fishermen and peasants were still struck by the devastating Turkish-Barbarian cruises, but also by corsairs armed by the British in an eternal struggle against the French.