El Castillo de La Atalaya (siglo XVIII), en Cartagena (Región de Murcia, España). Análisis formal y constructivo

The Atalaya Castle (eighteenth century) is one of the military fortifications that were part of the defense of Cartagena. The defensive system of the period was composed of an important walled enclosure, which surrounded the city, the arsenal, and a group of fortresses outside the city wall, located on the nearby hills. One of these defensive constructions is the Atalaya Castle or Fort, located to the west of the city from its position it protected the population from attacks both by land and by sea.

La forma original del Cubete del Alcázar Real de Carmona

Among the works of the so-called “transitional” military architecture from the last quarter of the fifteenth century, one of the most unique cases erected in the Iberian Peninsula is the Cubete of Carmona (Seville). This bastion built in the times of the Catholic Monarchs follows the new poliorcetic standards, but with forms, which are quite innovative and could be considered breakthrough. Conceived as a bastion external to the Alcázar Real, it has a moat in part connected with the moat of the main fortress.