When the Unity of Italy occurred, the ancient fortress of Pescara, marked by the river with the same name, was demolished to allow the expansion of the Adriatic city. On the mighty sixteenth century building, eastern defense of the Kingdom of Naples, remain only the eighteenth and nineteenth century maps made by the military. A rigorous study conducted by us on the historic center of Pescara has allowed us to carry out extensive archival surveys and punctual inspections. Then different documents emerged and testimonies that encouraged a virtual reconstruction of the disappeared artefact in which the military garrison and the inhabited nucleus were enclosed. The virtual reconstruction of the fortress that is presented here has been elaborated by resorting the nineteenth century maps, carefully analyzed and compared to perform, critically, a translation of the two-dimensional technical figuration in three-dimensional processing. A sort of regeneration of the historical image was thus conducted with the intent of recovering a fundamental element of the city, almost completely forgotten.