El Castillo de Bairén (Gandía, España). Proyecto de documentación gráfica

Bairén Castle was built in the Almoravid period, carring out the function of border hisn of the Taifa of Dénia. It was the administrative, political and legal-religious center of more than 20 farmhouses or qurà and castles. At present is possible visit the castle, although only part of its walls and remains of ruins scattered throughout the hill remain. The abandonment that has been suffering during these last years, together with the uncontrolled growth of the vegetation, make necessary to carry out urgent actions to conserve and put it in value. Within the framework of the study carried out in the initial phase of the Project for the authorization of the archaeological park of the castle of Bairén1, we have been developing an important work of graphic documentation, which will serve both to demonstrate the current state of the castle, as well as for the archaeological and restoration works. The main objective of this communication is to set the methodology for the graphic survey according to this type of monuments, establish the workflow, and finally, show the graphic documentation obtained.