Metodologie integrate per la conoscenza, la tutela e la rappresentazione dell’architettura militare storica. Sistemi costruttivi e percorsi voltati lungo i bastioni occidentali di Cagliari (Sardegna, Italia)

The integrated method is been applied in the meet point between the curtain of Santa Chiara and the curtain of de Cardona, in a limited area of the ancient walls of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). The sector consists of a bastion called “curtain of Santa Chiara” designed in 1575 and realized in the period 1575-1578 by the military engineer Giorgio Paleari and the “curtain of de Cardona”, a military work commissioned by the Viceroy in the 1930s of the same century and interested by modification until the seventeenth century.

The archive documents offer a lot of informations on the presence of gunboats and vaulted passages designed and built in this area during this period. This source accompanied by an architectural survey of the existing military work and the knowledge of the construction techniques used at the time and indicated in the military treaties may direct a subsequent investigation with geophysical methods. To this aim, a first graphic representation of the study area in the sixteenth century is proposed.