La fortezza e il suo giardino: uno sguardo dal mare

The Fortress was built from 1554, on the ruins of an ancient convent, at the behest of Philip of Austria, and it was completed in about 55 years under the direction of Giulio Cesare Falco, knight of the Order of Malta and Captain General against the Turks.

Geometrie dello sguardo nel paesaggio calabrese

Having lost their function of sighting as an instrument of strategic control, inclusion and protection from presumed pirate invasions, the coastal towers of Calabria Ultra, represented in the Diary of Wonders of the end of the sixteenth century, called Codice Romano Carratelli, will act as the key and device of the gaze that links the land to the expanse of water.

El sistema de relaciones territoriales entre las fortificaciones del Cilento interior. Una propuesta de estudio a través de SIG

The landscape of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, south of Campania, is dotted with a wide variety of fortresses, castles, towers and all kinds of fortifications. The populations who settled there since the early Middle Ages have left traces of their presence through buildings that, from the initial purpose of independent defense of the individual settlement, have changed over time, especially in the Norman period, in a broader system and structured for the control of the territory.