Architettura fortificata tra conservazione e riuso: i progetti di restauro novecenteschi del forte di Castelfranco a Finale Ligure

The town of Finale Ligure, situated on the western coast of Liguria, was the site of the Del Carretto Marquisate until the sixteenth century. After that, it was under the control of the Spanish Crown (seventeenth century) and it has been an independent territory of the Republic of Genoa for a long time. The three castles were built on the top of Finale hills and they were the symbol of its independence.

El parque arqueológico de la fortaleza de Bairén. Un proyecto de puesta en valor en el contexto de transformación de las políticas de turismo patrimonial de la ciudad de Gandia

This work emphasises the cultural value of archaeological heritage through the design of an archaeological park at the Islamic fortress of Gandia. The city, heavily tight to traditional tourism visitors, attracted by climatic easiness and beach facilities, tries now to develop an alternative course of action in order to complement its offer.