Il digitale e la rappresentazione: la seconda linea e il castello dimenticato di Fiumedinisi

The Belvedere Castle of Fiumedinisi (ME) belongs to that historical heritage of Sicily characterized by abandoned and forgotten military architecture. Along the Ionian coast the defensive problem has been particularly felt over time, due to the proximity of the Turkish coast, the Middle East and the African one. The first defensive line was the coastal one, defined by principals placed on the sea in a strategic position for direct control of the coast.

The work of Global Digital Heritage for the massive digitization of fortifications in Spain

In the last 20 years the field of cultural heritage has experienced a revolution in terms of documentation methods. The latest technological advances in laser scanners and photogrammetry have opened the possibility of documenting in three dimensions all types of monuments and sites regardless of their size or complexity. In this revolution fortified spaces have not been an exception. Hundreds of research teams around the world have developed 3D digitization projects of castles and fortresses.

La cinta muraria ed i fossati della città di Otranto. Il rilievo tridimensionale integrato per la conoscenza delle evidenze architettoniche ed archeologiche

The system of fortifications that rings the old town of the city of Otranto (Puglia, Italy) conserves the still visible traces of structures belonging to various historical periods, attesting to the evolution of the settlement’s defensive system from the Messapian period (fifth century BC) to the Aragonese period (sixteenth century). As part of a recent urban renewal project targeting the area of the moats, new archaeological, historic and architectural investigations were conducted.

Levantamiento y modelización tridimensional de la Torre del Negro o de Arráez, torre post-litoral del siglo XVI en El Algar (Región de Murcia, España)

Post-coastal towers or rural fortress towers, built in the sixteenth century on the Mediterranean coast, had the mission of protecting the population and enhancing the repopulation of these areas, heavily punished by incursions by berber pirates. The Negro Tower or Arráez Tower, in El Algar-Cartagena (Region of Murcia, Spain), is one of those post-coastal lookout towers and was built in 1585. It is shaped like a truncated pyramid, square plan and a height of about 14,00 m. Originally, it had three floors and a terrace.