The work of Global Digital Heritage for the massive digitization of fortifications in Spain

In the last 20 years the field of cultural heritage has experienced a revolution in terms of documentation methods. The latest technological advances in laser scanners and photogrammetry have opened the possibility of documenting in three dimensions all types of monuments and sites regardless of their size or complexity. In this revolution fortified spaces have not been an exception. Hundreds of research teams around the world have developed 3D digitization projects of castles and fortresses.

Técnicas digitales para el estudio del Patrimonio Defensivo: “Puerta de Almenara” y lienzos sur del Palacio del Gobernador y Plaza de Armas del Castillo de Sagunto (Valencia)

The use of digital documentation and registration techniques in Cultural Heritage is becoming more common every day, thanks to its ability to capture a large amount of data in a fast and efficient process. Its high geometric precision, thoroughness, performance retrieved and especially the generation of high fidelity and precision of architectural good assets make these tools optimal for the planimetric surveys.